What Are the Best Cloud Computing Resources for IT Professionals?

Cloud computing is a field that’s always changing, and with that, it takes a continuous vigilance to protect your clients’ data and information. There are new tools, resources, and training options available on a regular basis. his publication is a go-to for any IT professional who is looking for more information on how to protect cloud-based platforms from the variety of threats that they face. There is a wealth of content on […] read more

Recent Cyber Attacks and Vulnerabilities Worth Our Attention

The reality of cyber attacks is upon us – whether we like it or not. These attacks are not just something that faceless governments and organizations need to worry about. Individuals need to take steps to protect their personal data online as well. Events over the last year give off the impression that nothing seems safe online. Below are some of the most prominent attacks and what individuals and companies can learn from […] read more

How Businesses Can Get the Most from the IoT

While people are largely in favor of the benefits that the Internet of Things will bring, they remain skeptical of the companies that bring these services. Assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home will likely become the focal point for a connected home or business. They are the products that allow customers the ability to control the thermostat, adjust lighting, or monitor utility usage. They allow customers to make simplified[…] read more

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