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Case No: 433144 |

“Previously sent job to DriveSavers and the recovered DB was unusable, but then I sent the drives to the recovery was successful.
We got our data back and it saved us two years of rebuilding information. Thanks!!”

Geoff Windsor, Geoff,  Tulsa, Oklahoma

Case No: 431209 |

“We had an IBM RAID 6 array that may have been expanding from four drives to five. Something went wrong and there was at least one incorrect rebuild done after that. Kroll Ontrack performed a recovery attempt without success. We didn’t give up and we found WeRecoverData which claimed they recovered successfully many of these RAIDs. We were very hopeful and they finally did it. They recovered it all successfully! They were able to recover all of our files, excellent job in recovering our data… Very fast service, reasonably priced and excellent customer service… very responsive… Would definitely recommend…”

Nerissa Beekharry, Controller, Hi-Tech Metals, Maspeth, NY


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