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World leader in enterprise-storage data recovery. From XSAN to HP LeftHand, From EMC to Dell Equalogic Any RAID type, we recover it all... 24/7



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  • 5.0

    Great response

    Reviewed on June 29 2020

    Definitely weRecover team is great to solve that kind of hard drive problem. Great response and remarkable. They recovered my all data successfully within short time. I wanna give special thank to David. Thanks a lot man.

    Authenticated Manassas, US
  • 5.0

    Thanks a lot

    Reviewed on June 29 2020

    The location is bit hard to find out but eventually I did. They recovered my hard drive which was mostly dead. Thanks a lot.

    Authenticated Vancouver (South Vancouver), CA
  • 5.0

    Recover service

    Reviewed on June 12 2020

    Those are suffering bad experience of getting a reliable and professional recovery service provider, definitely, they can choose werecoverdata. I highly recommend it.

    Authenticated Boston (Downtown), US
  • 5.0

    Discreet work

    Reviewed on June 11 2020

    Thanks to all staff of werecoverdata for great work and for getting my company data back! I got frustrated when my hard drive damaged by a deadly drop. But they solved it very well.

    Authenticated Miami, US
  • 5.0

    Really appreciating

    Reviewed on April 9 2020

    Suddenly my hard drive is crashed during on hangout with my friends. My most expected tour was not good of thinking about my hard drive . After return back, I went to WeRecoverData they saved my hard drive. That was really appreciating.

    Authenticated Amazonia, US
  • 5.0

    Liked Your Service

    Reviewed on April 4 2020

    I have been using my HP laptop since 2016. Few months ago I could not open my laptop. After pressing the power button its showing nothing. My friend told me about that company. They recovered my laptop. Now its working perfectly. Thanks a lot WeRecoverData.

    Authenticated Azimpur, BD
  • 5.0

    Greatest company

    Reviewed on March 21 2020

    I think it is the greatest company one of the world.Because they take any kinds of problem by responsibility and solved smartly.I highly recommend it.

    Authenticated Port Hope, CA
  • 5.0

    Pretty good experience

    Reviewed on March 12 2020

    It was really pretty good experience. They are so professional, punctual and reliable. I strongly recommend it.

    Authenticated Vancouver, CA
  • 5.0

    Remarkable Work

    Reviewed on February 22 2020

    A lot of thanks to werecoverdata.You did really remarkable work. I was frustrated when lost my important data from a hard drive. I sent my hard drive to WRD then they got all the data back.At first, I couldn’t believe anyone can recover it since my computer tech said he can’t do it. All credit goes to werecoverdata.

    Authenticated San Jose, US
  • 5.0


    Reviewed on February 7 2020

    Few days ago my raid server is crashed dangerously. It was not starting any more. I tried in a various way whatever I know but I could not fix it. My uncle told me about WeRecoverdata. Then contact with them and they repaired it. Thank you guys.

    Authenticated Amazonia, US
  • 5.0

    Gorgeous service

    Reviewed on January 13 2020

    Gorgeous service from all the guys at werecoverdata.I was having pressure when corrupted data from my hard drive .Then I went there and they fixed it superbly.Thanks for removing pressure.

    Authenticated Honolulu, US
  • 5.0

    Extremely well

    Reviewed on October 13 2019

    I faced horrible problem but they solved it extremely well.My problem was that hard drive crashed dangerously.At this moment I thought the sky was broken on my head.Thank you for that.

    Authenticated Amazonia, US
  • 5.0


    Reviewed on September 25 2019

    Thanks to WeRecoverData.Because you fixed hard drive problem by sensible. Really I impressed and also trust on it. Anybody can rely on werecoverdata.

    Authenticated Amazonia, US
  • 5.0

    Well done

    Reviewed on November 26 2018

    Thank you

    Authenticated Azimpur, BD
  • 5.0

    Great work

    Reviewed on November 26 2018

    Obviously great work from werecoverdata.Definitely no doubt about this company because they take seriously to solve any kinds of problem.I have lot of assurance at them.A lot of thanks to them.

    Authenticated Jacksonville (Downtown), US
  • 5.0

    Fantastic work

    Reviewed on November 21 2018

    Oh Tom really fantastic work. You saved my important days. Raid 5 server damaged dangerously few days ago. But you fixed it well. Thank you for that!

    Authenticated Montreal, CA
  • 5.0

    Great efforts

    Reviewed on November 20 2018

    All credits goes to werecoverdata for recovering raid server.I thought impossible to repair it but they was taken sensible and fixed it.Now I can fully trust on werecoverdata.All thanks to them.

    Authenticated Miami, US
  • 5.0

    Helpful Work

    Reviewed on November 15 2018

    Werecoverdata, you did a really very helpful work.I was angry when my hard drive got dropped from my mistakes. I recommend the company and give a lot of thanks to werecoverdata.

    Authenticated Washington D.C., US
  • 5.0

    Best service

    Reviewed on November 14 2018

    After my hard drive crashed I was going to be totally mad. One of mu cousin suggested me to meet that company. I did and got the best service ever I had.

    Authenticated Toronto (Old Toronto), CA
  • 5.0

    Remarkable Job

    Reviewed on November 10 2018

    AWESOME service from WeRecoverData. I was almost mad when my pc crashed. A lot of valuable data in my hard drive. One of my friend recommend it. I thought it will not be possible.
    But after all I got back my all data. Thank You WeRecoverData.

    Authenticated Azimpur, BD
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“I just had the opportunity to speak with and thank for their very prompt and professional work in support of the Shuttle Program.” Jay.


“All our data is fully restored, and we’re back to normal. Thanks so much for saving our business!” (Had physically damaged RAID)” Simon Hinkler, Vidipax, Manhattan, NYC


“Thank you providing excellent data recovery nyc service to our organization at UNICEF. We lost very important data. Thank you for quick and efficient service.”        Karabi Hart, UNICEF, Manhattan, NY


“I am extremely pleased with the services from They were able to successfully recover data after the physical failure of a Windows drive. I had the data back on a new drive within days. Thanks!” David Warden, Novell, Inc.


“I just wanted to write to tell you what a great job you and your technicians did to restore all of the data that I feared had been lost on my hard drive. Not only were you all so professional, but you did a bang-up job. I thank you again!” Gersh Kuntzman, NY Post, Manhattan, NYC


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Business and Enterprise

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Government for Government Agencies GSA Schedule Contract #GS-35F-0518 Cage Code: 4DQ04

24/7 Emergency Service
24/7 Emergency Service
24/7 Emergency Service
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We are working around-the-clock in-lab and remote to keep providing data recovery services around the globe during the COVID-19 crisis.

Media drop-off is still possible in our labs in:
Manhattan (New York), Pasadena (California), Toronto-North York (Ontario Canada), Miami-Aventura (Florida), and Lomza (Poland).

To promote social distancing, we added an option to generate a FedEx label after submitting a case, (available in the US and Canada).
You can print overnight or ground shipping label then pack and drop-off the media at a FedEx drop-off box.

As always, we can provide global support through several options, including our remote data recovery services.

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